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Courtyard Entrance to Learning Spaces

Touchstone Foundation, Inc
110 Mabel Dodge Lane
P O Box 1885
Taos, NM 87571
Touchstone Foundation, Inc. 501C-3

Our mission through the Foundation is to provide a creative learning environment for the enhancement of self-esteem in students of all ages, to broaden the horizons of youngsters with cultural exchange programs, and to help participants advance in their careers with educational workshops and creative seminars. It is our belief that tapping the core creativity of a person is the avenue to bring about a sense of accomplishment and well-being that transfers to the outer world. We CAN accomplish world peace, as one person at a time finds peace within.

Touchstone Foundation is a not-for-profit entity which has been in existence since May of 2001. In our ten years we have sponsored creative exploration at Touchstone in Taos as well as in countries world wide.

In Taos, we have worked with Blackstone Ranch and other groups, sponsoring such endeavors as National Geographic Photo Camp for local high school students, poetry readings and film screenings from New Mexico High Schools, such as Committing Poetry in Times of War. We have worked with Taos Hope to send students from Taos Pueblo to Bali for the World Peace Conference for Indigenous Tribes where one of our students rode in a cab with Desmond Tutu.

Other worldwide reach has been in sponsorship of Learning Spaces schools and teaching farms in Ganeshpuri, India, Tibetan Village Project with Tamdin Wangdu, and work-study programs with students from Lithuania.

Ongoing programs in Taos include water media encounters with international teachers, M. Douglas Walton and Bren Price, and sponsorship of other creative teachers ranging from computer courses with Los Alamos Labs to pleinair painting with Michael McClure; Aria workshops and Meditation workshops utilizing the Labyrinth as well as Icon workshops with Prague born Australian, Michael Galovic.

Touchstone Foundation was instrumental in the sponsorship and founding of other not-for-profit entities - Taos Artist Organization and Third Millennium Awakening, Malibu, CA.

Thank you for your Support and Contributions, and thank you for the Difference You Make in the World.

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